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Good kitten health care starts with great kitten food

From proper nutrition to loving affection, your kitten needs a lot to grow into a healthy, happy cat. See what you can expect — and what to look out for — during that crucial first year.

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Why choose Science Plan kitten foods?

Hill’s Science Plan provides science-led nutrition for optimal growth and development. All Science Plan kitten foods offer:

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Easy-to-digest, great-tasting ingredients — with high-quality protein

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Precise nutrition to support healthy skin, coat and stool

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Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system

Understand proper kitten care

Be sure to “kitten proof” your home

Make your home safe for your furry new friend by hiding all electrical cabling or poisonous plants your kitten might try to chew.

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Know what vaccines your kitten needs

Vaccinating your kitten is absolutely essential to keep healthy

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Teach your kitten the rules

Kittens are curious and active. If they are scratching furniture, redirect them to their scratching post, and praise them when they make the right choice. If they are playing with something they shouldn't, distract them away with a fun toy.

Understand your kitten’s nutrition

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Get to know your kitten’s unique nutritional needs

Your kitten has very different nutritional requirements than a person, so make sure they have the nutrition they need for a healthy start.

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Know how much to feed your kitten

Use this kitten food calculator to find a proper feeding schedule, and remember: size, age and breed are also factors, so check with your veterinarian first.

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*Based on Hill's Science Plan Kitten Food Chicken recommendations

Sterilised kittens have certain nutritional needs

If your kitten is sterilised, they need a specific balance of ingredients and nutrients to stay fit and healthy.