The right food for your sterilised cat

Help your sterilised cat feel their best with speclialised nutrition – delicious food with the right blend of nutrients and ingredients.

Sterilised kittens have unique
nutritional needs

In order to maintain excellent health throughout their lives and to reduce some post-sterilisation risks, it’s important to feed sterilised kittens the right balance of nutrients from the start.

Our food works with their unique biology to support optimal growth and development. Give your sterilised kitten 100% balanced & healthy nutrition to help keep them lean, active and playful as ever.

Science Plan Sterilised Kitten food has:

digestion blue icon

100% balanced nutrition with tasty, easy-to-digest ingredients.

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High-quality protein to help build muscle and controlled fat to support leanness

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Clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system


Science-led nutrition from sterilised kitten to cat

Sterilised cats need a specific balance of ingredients and nutrients to stay fit and healthy.

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Sterilised cats have
specific nutritional needs

Sterilised cats are more than 3 times as likely to be overweight and up to 7 times more likely to suffer from urinary problems. The metabolism drops for many cats after sterilisation, and they likewise, experience an increase in appetite. In addition, sterilised cats may become less active and uninterested in play.

The right foods can reduce these health risks.
Science Plan Sterilised Cat advanced foods have:

weight management formula - blue icon

A unique weight-management formula to burn fat and build muscle.

Carnitine pack - blue icon

Added L-carnitine to help cats stay lean and active.

Minerals and ph - blue icon

Controlled minerals and pH levels to support urinary health.

The foods come in a range of delicious flavours and are available as dry food or in pouches.

A tasty choice

Feeding Science Plan wet food can make mealtimes special for your cat:

  • Tender chunks of meat and vegetables in savoury gravy look, smell and taste delicious.
  • A satisfying meal that combines great nutrition with a gourmet taste.
  • Mouthwatering moist texture helps to keep your cat hydrated and healthy.

Serving wet or mixed wet and dry foods can create a gourmet experience your cat will love.

Healthy varieties for every lifestage

Hill’s provides a variety of appetising choices for sterilised cats at every lifestage. Our foods are created to keep your cat coming back for more.

For young adult sterilised Science Plan cat food pack

For adult sterilised cats aged 1+ 

With clinically proven antioxidants and a unique weight management formula.

For young adult sterilised Science Plan cat food pack

For mature adult sterilised cats aged 7+

Balanced nutrition with antioxidant vitamins to help preserve kidney function.

Tips on caring for your sterilised cat

Feed less calories - cat blue icon

1. Feed less calories

To avoid weight gain, feed foods that have less fats. Measuring out your cat's low-calorie, daily food allowance can also help to control calories.

Help cats stay active - cat blue icon

2. Help cats stay active

Provide interactive toys and cat trees that cats can climb and jump on. You can also hide treats in toys or around the house for a fun treasure hunt.

Reduce the risk of urinary stones - blue icon

3. Reduce the risk of urinary stones

Because they often develop stones, sterilised cats need a lot of water. Placing bowls or fountains around the house will encourage your cat to drink. Wet foods can also help with hydration.

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