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Premium nutrition for every stage of your pet’s life

Hill’s Science Plan is targeted nutrition, led by science to meet the unique needs of pets of every age and size.

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As your pet ages, their nutrition should be adapted

The nutritional requirements of puppies and kittens are different to those of adult dogs and cats. Hill's Science Plan foods are 100% balanced and healthy nutrition, with the precise nutrients, vitamins and minerals your pet needs to live their best life.

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the best nutrients for their best life

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Nutrition to support your healthy pet’s unique needs

Your pet may benefit from our selection of focused nutrition, specially formulated for weight management, healthy digestion, sensitive stomach & skin, oral care and more.

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Pet food is nothing without flavour

When it comes to a pet's food, nutrients are critical, of course—but it’s flavour that keeps them coming back. We use high-quality ingredients and evaluate shapes, textures, tastes and aromas, doing our best to ensure that pets are eager to eat.

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Find the right science plan food for your pet

Answer a few simple questions about your pet to receive a personalised suggestion. Be sure to always consult your vet when switching foods.

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