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Making the best cat food choice

Cats aren’t always the easiest to please. And when it comes to choosing the right food, their preference is ultimately the one that matters. That’s why Hill's goes to great lengths to provide a range of high-quality, science-led nutrition — with a wide variety of tastes and textures — they won't be able to resist.

A variety of mouthwatering nutrition

Having the right taste and texture is key. Offer your cat a range of flavours and choose from our dry and wet food: kibbles, stew, minced, chunks & gravy, or deliciously smooth mousses.

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Mix your cat’s meal with wet food

Give your cat a delicious meal by feeding solely wet or dry food, or both together:

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feed alone

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as a savoury

*Mix wet food with its corresponding kibble to provide a healthy and varied diet.

Hill's Science Plan cat food product

Cat food for all ages and unique needs

Nourish your cat’s everyday health and vitality with 100% balanced and healthy nutrition. Hill’s Science Plan offers nutrition for cats at each lifestage, as well as specialised food for their unique needs.

Hill's Presccription Diet cat food products

Cat food for specific health conditions

Our Hill’s Prescription Diet range is a clinical nutrition developed by our team of veterinarians, PhD nutritionists, and food scientists. This vet-recommended cat food provides a clinically proven nutrition for cats facing a specific health condition - check with your vet before feeding.

Hill's cat food - approved by the toughest critics

Resources & tips for cat parents

Consult our resources, developed by veterinarians, to help your cat receive the best possible care.

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