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Life-changing clinical nutrition for life-altering circumstances

Does your cat have a specific health condition or certain nutritional needs?
Hill’s Prescription Diet is vet-recommended, clinical nutrition to help them live their best life.

Packshot Urinary Care


When your cat is experiencing urinary issues it can be frustrating for both of you. Talking to your vet is a great first step and so is feeding the right food. Hill’s offers a variety of urinary care foods, including Prescription Diet c/d Multicare which helps reduce common urinary signs and dissolves struvite stones in as little as 7 days (average 27 days).

Packshot Weight Management


Over 55% of pets are overweight, and even a few extra kilos can put them at risk for health issues. The good news is that nutrition can help. Hill’s has options when it comes to weight management foods, including Prescription Diet Metabolic which helps cats naturally lose weight by activating their metabolism while keeping them feeling full and satisfied.

Packshot Kidney Care


Hill’s offers several foods for kidney care, including Prescription Diet k/d which helps protect vital kidney function and supports your cat’s natural ability to build and maintain muscle mass. And, as a clinically proven nutrition, it improves quality of life and lengthens the relationship with your cat.

Packshot Digestive Care


When your cat is experiencing digestive upset, it’s unpleasant for everyone. Ask your vet which Prescription Diet digestive care nutrition they recommend.

Packshot Skin Sensitivities


Mealtime is a moment of connection with your cat, but for cats with food sensitivities, what they’re eating may be causing skin or digestive issues. Ask your vet which Prescription Diet food is right for your cat.

Packshot Other Conditions


For cats with common — and not so common — conditions, Prescription Diet offers science-backed nutrition to help them live their best lives.

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Picking a pet food doesn’t have to be a solo decision. Talk to your vet about how Prescription Diet can help your cat. Not sure where to start? Download our vet question checklist.

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Great food!

Definitely helping to transform my heavier cats into slimmer cats without any bladder issues. Fantastic product.

– Tara, Port Elizabeth

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Keep your healthy cat living their best life with Hill’s Science Plan— great-tasting, science-led nutrition for every stage of life..

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