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Science-led nutrition to help your best friend live their best life

The right food can make a huge difference to your dog's lifelong health. Hill's Science Plan is great-tasting nutrition, led by science to keep your best friend feeling happy and healthy, from puppyhood to adulthood and beyond.

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100% healthy

Lifestage dog foods

Hill’s Science Plan is 100% balanced and healthy nutrition, led by science to give pets the best and longest life possible. Not too much, and not too little – just the precise nutrients your pet needs to feel their best at every stage in life.

Puppy (up to 1 year old)
Supports healthy brain development.

Adult 1-6
Helps maintain strong, lean muscles and ideal body condition.

Mature Adult 7+
Supports energy levels, and a healthy heart and kidneys.


Small breed & large breed dog foods

Small and large breed dogs have their own unique set of needs – that’s why Science Plan offers special options just for them.

Small & Mini Breed
Nutrition tailored to meet the needs of small dogs.

Large Breed
Specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of large breed dogs.

perfect weight dry dog food

Weight management dog foods

Science Plan Perfect Weight

Nutrition for healthy weight maintenance and long-lasting weight support. Over 70% of pets lost weight within 10 weeks.

sensitive stomach and skin dog food

Digestive health dog foods

Digestive issues can make any day uncomfortable. These Science Plan foods are formulated to support healthy, gentle digestion.

Science Plan Sensitive Stomach & Skin

A highly digestible recipe which is gentle on sensitive stomachs, nourishes skin and promotes a lustrous coat.

no grain dog food

No grain dog foods

Science-led nutrition, formulated with ingredients containing no grain or gluten.

Science Plan No Grain

Supports a healthy immune system, lean muscles and beautiful coat.


Other needs

Science Plan Oral Care
Clinically proven kibble technology to reduce plaque and tartar build up.

Science Plan Healthy Mobility
Advanced nutrition proven to support joint health for an active life.

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We absolutely believe in feeding our pets (we also have 3 rescue dogs) quality food to keep them healthy and happy and looking and feeling great into their golden years. I have fed Hill's for years and their shiny coats, lust for life and extremely infrequent visits to the vet are a sure sign that our pets are living their best life! Our dogs are all on the Weight Management food and it has kept them all at a healthy weight for years. They are VERY excited at every meal time, so I must imagine that it tastes real good too!

– Sam, Cape Town

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Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog

Have a health concern?

If you think your dog may have a health issue, talk to your vet. Hill's Prescription Diet offers a wide range of dietetic pet foods that may be able to help.

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From ingredients analysis to quality control and taste, the 900+ dogs and cats in our global Pet Nutrition Center (PNC) help us develop food to help your best friend live their best life.

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The Hill's Food, Shelter & Love programme helps shelter pets get the life-changing nutrition they need - and since 2002, we've helped 12 million pets and counting find their forever homes.

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