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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a cat food that fits your pet’s needs

Dogs are often rather energetic creatures and exercise is the perfect way for them to burn off all that excess energy. As a matter of fact, exercise is a vital part of dog health. Different dogs have different exercise needs and you need to know your pet well enough to gauge from its behaviour how much exercise is enough. It isn't always the case that the bigger the dog, the more exercise it needs and wants.

Age also plays a role in the amount of exercise your dog needs to fulfil its optimal dog health needs. Puppies shouldn't be over-exercised but it should start with little and often and build to longer walks. Exercising your dog is not only about the physical exercise and keeping its weight controlled, it is also about mental stimulation. A well exercised dog in body and mind will be a happier dog.

They are much more satisfied and even tempered with regular exercise periods. Walking your dog also is a time when you can work on dog obedience. They can learn about not chasing after cars and bikes; to follow simple commands, to recall if off the lead and to interact with their surroundings appropriately.

A regular exercise routine is a must

Commit to setting time aside each day for your dog’s exercise. It is important to schedule this time as it is too easy to start neglecting it by putting it off. Some dogs just naturally have an over-abundance of energy and need to be occupied or can become bored and show negative behaviours. A great diet like that developed by Hills can help because it doesn't include any additives which can make your dog even more hyperactive.

It is important for optimising dog health to set a challenging routine for these dogs just as any human athlete does. Good dog health that includes sufficient exercise helps with maintaining great overall dog health and normal energy levels.

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