Weird Things Cats Do & Why We Love Them

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Most parents of cats agree that they adore their feline friends because of the weird things cats do. The unpredictability of funny cat behaviour livens up any household, but what you see as silly and entertaining is just them following their instincts. They tolerate and incorporate people into their daily routine, winning them over with one hilarious act after another.

Here are five unique, sometimes mystifying cat traits that make you fall head-over-heels in love.

1. Kneading

One of the most common and distinctive catlike displays of affection is kneading. As soon as you climb into bed or curl up in your favourite chair, they will show up out of nowhere to massage you and/or the blankets!

Nursing kittens knead to stimulate their mother's milk flow, but cats tend to carry this behaviour into adulthood. Blue Cross says that kneading is a huge compliment, because it means your cat sees you as a secure, comforting figure. Another theory is that kneading is your cat’s way of marking their territory using the sweat glands in their paws. Whatever the reason, this can be one of the most charming things your cat does. In the cat world, kneading equals love and affection.

2. Agility

One of the fun habits that makes those cat videos go viral is the ability to effortlessly leap and bound to great heights, with an unbelievable sense of balance. There are even professional cat agility competitions to celebrate their willingness to jump through hoops (literally) or crawl through tunnels.

It's important not to entice them to perform tricks that could result in an injury because, contrary to popular belief, cats don't always land on their feet! Nonetheless, you've got to admire their stealthy moves. Watching your fur-baby chase a cat toy up and down the stairs, or pounce on a piece of cat food, gives you a front-row seat to your own acrobatic show!

3. Hiding in Small Spaces

Is there anything cuter than seeing a set of adorable beady eyes sticking out of a paper bag or curled up in a tiny cardboard box (that's three times smaller than the cat!)? Cats are notorious for seeking out small hiding places, and although this behaviour is super adorable, it also makes cats feel safer. They seek comfort, security, and warmth in spots that seem so odd to you: a shoe box or even the bathroom sink.

This trait also ties in with their ability to sleep anywhere, at any time, which is why you shouldn't be surprised to find your feline friend curled up in a laundry basket or in an empty bookshelf. But be careful -- you might not always see them hiding, so be sure you know where they are so you don’t accidentally hurt them or lock or them in a cupboard.

4. Running from One End of the House to the Other

This is quite possibly the weirdest of the weird things cats do, and they do it a lot. If you've lived with a cat for any length of time, you've seen this happen. They'll just sitting there, quiet and unassuming, when suddenly they dart across the room at top speed to chase...well, nothing. Or what you think is nothing.

Cats are incredibly tuned into their environment; they see and hear things people can't, like that dust bunny floating through the air thirty feet away. It freaks you out a bit to see your kitty sitting in a corner staring at something invisible, but rest assured they have probably got their eye on something important.

5. Spying

Spying is a unique and sometimes unnerving behavior at which cats excel. If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night to find they are staring at you, or think you're alone in the room and realise your "creepy" kitty is standing behind you, you know that cats excel at this unique – and slightly unnerving – behaviour.

Cats like to keep an eye on us humans! Like a little one-man neighbourhood watch, they'll stare out of the window for hours, keeping tabs on the comings and goings of others. They've even been known to peek through blinds or open curtains to get a better look. And yes, the neighbours will think it's you spying on them!

These are just a few of the weird things cats do to bring love, fun, and comfort into your world!

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