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November news

last updated 11/11/2016
Allergies aren't fun for anyone, but especially not for your dog who can't tell you what's making him so sick. Food allergies or food intolerance are caused by a reaction to a particular ingredient.
last updated 11/11/2016
Allergies are all too common and the same pollens and house dust that cause allergic reactions in people often cause allergic dermatitis in dogs.
last updated 24/11/2010 06:32:00
Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering and grooming experience at Harrods luxurious new pet day spa. Catering for most pets including cats and dogs, The Pet Spa at Harrods has been specifically designed to provide a calm, relaxing and safe retreat in which pets can be groomed, preened, indulged and revitalised. Hill’s are proud to be the Nutritional partner of The Pet Spa at Harrods.
last updated 13/11/2014
We will donate a meal to shelter pets in need for each new like of our Facebook and Twitter pages, retweets and wall post shares.
last updated 12/11/2010 11:35:00
Come and meet us at consumer and county shows.
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