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How does nutritional management compare to other alternatives?

Now, there is a new alternative to traditional approaches of thyroid health management, such as anti-thyroid medication, surgery or radioactive iodine.

See how y/d Feline nutrition compares to traditional approaches.

y/d Feline for management
of thyroid health
approximate cost
per day

The cost per day figures are calculated on Hill's daily feeding amount for a 4kg cat and a Recommended Selling Price* of 1.5kg dry Prescription Diet™ y/d
*The Recommended Selling Prices are recommendations only and the retailer is under no obligation to comply with these recommendations.

  • Daily medication
    + regular food
    anti-thyroid drugs inhibit
    the production of thyroid hormones
  • Surgery removal of disease thyroid tissue
  • Radioactive iodine therapy Radiation to treat abnormal
    thyroid tissue
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