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Prescription Diet™ j/d™ Canine Reduced Calorie Original

Hill's™ Prescription Diet™ Canine j/d™ Reduced Calorie is clinically proven to improve mobility in just 3 weeks with the right balance of healthy nutrients and a special omega-3 oil. For overweight dogs or dogs prone to gain weight.

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven to help dogs walk, run, play and climb stairs more easily, see a difference in 21 days.
  • Helps your dog walk, run and play better by soothing aching joints and preserving healthy cartilage.
  • Helps maintain joint cartilage thanks to EPA, a special omega-3 fatty acid from fish oil and glucosamine and chondrotin sulphate from natural sources.

    Please consult your vet for further information and guidance on what is best for your dog.

  • 4kg
  • 12kg

These ranges are a starting point only, because dogs' needs vary.1,2 Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.

Ideal Body Weight kgDry grams
2.540 - 55
570 - 95
10115 - 160
20195 - 270
30265 - 365
40330 - 455
50390 - 535
60 +9 per kg
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