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March news

last updated 13/03/2017
Four of Cape Town’s newest supermodels are up for adoption! Digby, Imogen, Honey and TJ (aka Digby and the Gang), all from TEARS Animal Rescue in Sunnydale, are the heroes of a new campaign for Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa.
last updated 12/03/2017
Pet tummy troubles, which often present as vomiting and diarrhoea, are as common as they are stressful.
last updated 23/03/2016
Therapeutic nutrition doesn’t get any better than this! Your pet will love our new tinned Stews.
last updated 08/03/2016
Kidney disease is not only a problem for people. Chronic kidney disease is a serious health problem for dogs and the second leading cause of non-accidental death in cats (after cancer). Until recently, clinical diagnosis in cats and dogs was usually possible only once three-quarters of kidney function was lost. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new kidney function test, it can be detected months, even years, earlier.
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