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June news

last updated 27/06/2016
From 1 July, while stocks last, you can make your dog’s biggest dreams come true with a super cosy dream-maker pillow , FREE with purchases of any two big bags (9.5kgs to 13.6kgs) of Hill’s dog food - Science Plan, Ideal Balance or Prescription Diet.
last updated 23/06/2015
From 1 July, your best friend can snuggle up on a cosy new Hill’s bed this winter. We have free beds available for dogs big and small with selected purchases of Hill’s Science Plan and Ideal Balance.
last updated
When you arrive home with a new playful kitten, you have to think about how to keep him in good cat health for the remainder of his life.
last updated 22/06/2009 12:15:00
We love our cats and we want the best for them in everything, especially when it comes to cat nutrition. In order to make sure we give them the best, it really helps to know just what they need for a healthy diet. Humans are omnivores, we get our nutrition from protein as well as plant based foods. Cats are carnivores; they have totally different nutritional needs to their owners.
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