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Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme

The Hill's Pet Slimmer Programme launched 15 years ago to address the ever-increasing epidemic of pet obesity in South Africa and provide pet owners with the support and tools they need to help their portly pets lose weight and restore their zest for life.

Does your pet need to shed a few extra kilos? Sign up now for great rewards!

The four goals to becoming a Slimmer Winner

Goal 1 - Enrol in the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme

You will receive:

  • A FREE small bag of the weight loss food recommended when you join*
  • An enrolment gift
  • A R40 gift voucher to redeem on any Hill’s weight loss product

Goal 2 - Good Progress Reward

After three weight checks you will receive:

  • A stainless steel feeding bowl
  • A R40 gift voucher to redeem on any Hill’s weight loss product.

Goal 3 - Reaching Target Weight

As soon as your practice lets us know your pet has successfully reached its target weight we’ll send you:

  • A Hill’s pet bath towel.
  • A certificate of achievement.
  • A R40 gift voucher to redeem on any Hill’s maintenance product

Goal 4 - Enter the Pet Slimmer of the Year Competition

Once your pet has achieved target weight you may enter them into the Hill's Pet Slimmer of the Year Competition. Visit www.petslimmer.co.za and sign into the Pet Owner section to upload your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs and submit your story. Or ask your practice to help you enter. To find the latest competition rules please see the “terms of use” link on www.petslimmer.co.za

Hill’s Pet Slimmer website has so much more to offer you!

Visit www.petslimmer.co.za where you will have access to an exclusive sign-in area for helpful hints and information to help you stick with the programme. From here you will be able to:

  • View a summary of your vet’s recommendations & projected weight loss journey
  • Track your pet’s progress & statistics
  • Upload your pet’s ‘before’ and ‘progress’ photos
  • View your next appointment date
  • See your practice contact details
  • View tips on feeding, healthy snacks and exercising
  • Share in a fun blog to support and motivate you on your pet’s weight loss journey
  • Enter the Pet Slimmer of the Year competition once your pet has reached its ideal weight and is eligible to enter

What else makes the Hill's Pet Slimmer Programme great?

The proven success of the Hill's Pet Slimmer Programme is thanks to:

  • our technologically advanced weight-reducing nutrition. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d is clinically proven to reduce body fat by at least 22% in just 8 weeks1,
  • on-going support, motivation and advice,
  • an individually tailored exercise routine,
  • and your commitment to providing your beloved pet with a longer, more active, fulfilled life at their ideal weight!

*Terms and Conditions of Hill’s FREE weight loss product offer

  1. This offer is only available on Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine r/d 4kg, Canine r/d Mini 1.5kg, Canine j/d reduced calorie 4kg, Canine Metabolic 4kg, Feline r/d 1.5kg, Feline m/d 1.8kg, Feline Metabolic 1.5kg.
  2. To qualify for a free bag the pet must be overweight and enrolled by a veterinary clinic as a 1st time participant onto the Hill’s Pet Slimmer Programme.
  3. To be eligible for the free bag the pet must not have tried any of the qualifying products before.
  4. The cost of any consultation to determine whether the pet is overweight or to enrol the pet onto the Hill's Pet Slimmer Programme does not form part of this offer.
  5. This offer is limited to one bag per Pet Slimmer participant.
  6. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  7. This offer is available until 31 December 2015.

1Yamka RM, Frantz NZ, Friesen KG. Effects of 3 canine weight loss foods on body composition and obesity markers, Intern J Appl Res Vet Med, 5, 125-132, 2007.

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